St. Regis Hotel Bedding By DOWNLITESt. Regis® luxury hotel chain features hotel bedding made by Downlite.

We appreciate the inquiries we've been receiving and, in order to assist you better, we're providing a list of bedding items purchased either directly or via a distributor. For authentic purchases, we recommend visiting their official guest resale website for the complete selection of their bedding products.

The St. Regis® hotels use our 25/75 down and feather blend pillow as well as our MicroLoft down alternative pillow

The  St. Regis® hotel chain in North America features SOME hotel bedding made by DOWNLITE. Please note that have their own guest resale website to buy bedding on.

These pillows and comforters are made in the USA.

Some 5 Star Reviews of Bedding made for SOME St. Regis® properties:


Best pillow ever!

"I slept with these in the St. Regis Aspen and knew I had to have them! Ordered got them quickly and love!"
Shopper name: Susan F. (4/12/22)

Great pillow!

"Been looking for a new pillow for quite some time. I order and end up returning. I stayed at the St. Regis and they had these pillows and it was so comfortable. I ordered one and I love these pillows. It’s so comfy I like pillows that are flexible and not so firm. It’s a great pillow and I get a good nights sleep." 
Shopper name: Karen F. (1/11/22)

Great pillows

"We first discovered Downlite pillows at the St. Regis in Puerto Rico. These are the equivalent of the (now discontinued) ones at the hotel, and are identical in quality. The pillows are medium firmness and are great for using either flat or folded over/bunched up. I recommend getting 2 per person." 
Shopper name: William M. (10/21/21)


Bought pillows I tried at hotel

"After a stay at the St. Regis, I contacted the company to find out the pillow I used. They responded immediately, and I purchased two similar styles. After a few weeks, I am pleased. The price is reasonable and the quality is good."


Shopper name: Melanie R. (9/27/21)



Although this hotel should use the products listed below, it is not always possible to guarantee they are the same as the ones you enjoyed while staying at this property (but we are sure you will love them). 

All of our bedding is hypoallergenic and machine washable & dry-able. To learn more about how to wash your bedding, please visit

The trademark St.Regis® is owned by Marriott International, Inc. and DOWNLITE is not affiliated with this brand but is merely a supplier to SOME of the properties.