Bulk & Replacement Down, Feathers & Polyester

$55.00 - $60.00
Availability Usually Ships Within 2-3 Business Days

Now available for purchase in smaller amounts for filling or repairing fine couches, cushions, jackets, sleeping bags, and more. Please note: we do offer larger wholesale amounts of down and feather filling in quantities greater than 25 pounds. These fillings are prepackaged in bags and boxed ready to ship. We can not sell in smaller or larger units on the site (however you can add multiple quantities to an order). Due to the unique nature of bulk fillings, these items have a no return policy.

Please note any feathers in the feather blends are 6 CM or smaller.

All fillings have been processed in our Cincinnati facility and are Hypoallergenic.

  • 10/90 - White Goose Feather Blend - Sold In 5 Pound Batches
  • EnviroLoft - 100% Polyester - Sold In 5 Pound Batches

On some couch cushions we also recommend blending 10/90 with EnviroLoft for a very nice and soft effect.

In terms of how much filling to use, sometimes we suggest browsing our pillow or pillow form section and seeing the weights used in those items with their specific fillings. Because items can vary in size, whether it be a couch cushion or a jacket, we cannot offer exact advice. Sometimes, you can also buy an item in the sale section and simply use a razor blade to remove the filling (This works great when you only need a little filling).

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