EnviroLoft Down Alternative Pillow

EnviroLoft Down Alternative Pillow - Medium

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Our EnviroLoft pillow features a fluffy down alternative that is great for consumers with allergy issues. This down-like luxury pillow is used in some of our finest resorts and hotels and is easy to care for.

  • EnviroLoft - Down-Like Luxury Polyester
  • Perfect Medium Density - Great for Side & Back Sleepers
  • Breathable 100% Cotton Cambric Fabric
  • 230 Thread Count
  • Hypoallergenic Polyester Filling
  • Easy Care: Machine Washable & Dryable
  • Shell Made in China. Filled and Finished in the USA of Imported Materials


Size & Weights:

  • Standard – 20" x 26" - 20 oz.
  • Jumbo – 20" x 28" - 21.5 oz.
  • Queen – 20" x 30" - 23 oz.
  • King – 20" x 36" - 28 oz.
1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty

Product Reviews

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Medium Enviroloft Down Alternative Pillow
Written by Mary Crombie on 31st Jan 2017

I inquired about pillows used at The Drury Inn. Found that the pillows were Med. Enviroloft Down Alternative. Ordered two. Best purchase ever! Sound, restful sleep!

Sleep Good
Written by Amanda McCoy on 27th Dec 2016

I was a guest at Mandalay Bay Hotel Las Vegas, NV. I had the best night sleep ever! I looked in the pillowcase to check the brand of pillow it was. Looked Downlite up on the Web and saw I could purchase them. I was so happy

Awesome pillows
Written by Nancy Martin on 15th Dec 2016

Best pillows ever. Stayed at Hard Rock Hollywood Florida.

Great night's sleep with these pillows
Written by Charleston, SC customer! on 12th Dec 2016

I stayed at the Delano in Las Vegas and had a great night's sleep. Curious, I looked at the pillow label and sought out Downlite.com. I LOVED that they had a Hotel search so I could find not only the brand but also pillow fill rate. The delivery was timely and well packaged. I've had a great night's sleep ever since.

Written by Jeanne on 7th Dec 2016

Forget the pillow made in Minnesota advertised on TV and that you can buy in Bed Bath + Beyond. These are absolutely the best. and at a great price. Never slept better...

Written by Mona Miller on 1st Dec 2016

Love these pillows, so soft and cuddly.

Written by Kathleen Ratliff on 30th Nov 2016

We have bought several pillows that we didn't like till we got yours. We love them

Written by undefined on 28th Nov 2016

I knew I would love the pillow after sleeping on it at a hotel.

Just what I have been looking for
Written by Susan on 25th Nov 2016

These pillows are perfect, they adjust perfectly to my changing sleep positions throughout the night. I am delighted with them.

Medium Enviroloft pillow
Written by undefined on 24th Nov 2016

Comfortable from the minute my head laid on it. Easy transition from the Charter Club pillow I had before. Would recommend highly

Looking for hotel quality, found it.
Written by B Kieft on 31st Oct 2016

Purchased based on pillows used by Marriott hotel recently used. Very pleased with the purchase and the shipping time.

Ok pillow
Written by chough on 4th Sep 2016

I think if you sleep on your back, you can't go wrong with this one. I'm more of a side, stomach sleeper so this is the one for me. I just ordered a firm pillow, we'll see how that goes.

Luxury Pillow for a budget price
Written by Al on 1st Sep 2016

We sleep on these pillows at a great hotel. So we bought some for home so we could sleep as well at home as the hotel... ha, but true!

Feels like a cloud
Written by undefined on 12th Aug 2016

Feels like you're sleeping on a cloud! I get the best sleep I've ever had with my new pillow.

Husband slept straight through the night
Written by R.BROADLEY on 5th Jul 2016

My husband loves the pillow and slept so well from 1st night. I bought the same for me however I think I need the soft not med. I wake up punching mine down for my head. He stays at the hampton for business and really loves these pillows. I' gonna give mine a little time to adjust. I may order me a softer one. Great quality. Really impressed

Excellent pillow
Written by undefined on 3rd Jul 2016

Have had the pillows for a week or so now. They are very good and just what I remembered from sleeping on these or very much like these at Hampton Inns. I would definitely order more!

Best Pillows EVER
Written by JAK on 20th Jun 2016

Discovered these pillows at the Sheraton. Immediately after the stay went on a mission to find where I could buy them for my home. Although I'd taken off the hotel's pillowcase to find a description, the numbers didn't jive with what I was finding online. Finally wrote the hotel and they sent a link to their hotel site. THEN I found Downlite and a slight reduction in price. Bingo. Placed my order and have loved them for the last two years. Recently on a road trip, my Mom used one while driving (as passenger!) that I'd brought along - I don't go anywhere without my pillow. She loved it. So I have ordered a set for her 90th birthday next month. If anyone mentions pillows, I give them my 2 cents regarding these fabulous Downlite pillows. I cannot say enough good things. Even after two years they are just like new.

Finally found a good pillow
Written by Rod M. on 22nd May 2016

It is a relief to finally find a good pillow. I experienced this quantity product during a recent stay at a Ritz-Carlton. Ordered this one when I arrived home. I have a closet full of "amateur" pillows that promise you the world and crash and burn when you use them. Highly recommend this product.

Great pillow
Written by undefined on 8th May 2016

this is the one pillow that my husband can get a good night of rest with. We discovered it while staying at a hotel on vacation and have bought one for every bed in the house.

Written by undefined on 25th Apr 2016

Found this pillow while staying at the Gansavort Hotel NYC. Then used DL's Hotel product finder to locate the products. I bought the comforter also. The absolute best way to find perfect bedding for yourself. Thanks DL!

Written by Kellie on 25th Apr 2016

when traveling we always stay with the same hotel chain and always comment on how comfy their bedding is. Upon returning home from our last trip I found downlite and ordered all new bedding! We have spent some fabulous nights in bed since we received the shipment! We are both actually getting some real rest! I am also thinking of ordering some sets for our adult children for Christmas!

No more SNORING!!
Written by undefined on 13th Apr 2016

We recently spent a weekend at a hotel that uses these pillows. My spouse said I didn't snore all weekend. We came home ordered the pillows and it's been quiet restful nights ever since.

Love them!!!!!
Written by Pamela Phillips-Ohr on 5th Apr 2016

While on vacation we stayed at a Holliday Inn and had the best night's sleep in ages!!! After finding out the company name of the manufacturer, I emailed them to find out which of their pillows we had slept on. Within a day or so Customer Service had emailed me back the type and a link to order from. Got King and standard in soft and medium. LOVE THEM!!!!!

Written by frank on 4th Mar 2016

These same pillows were at Le Meridian on our recent visit to Francisco. I called Downline and purchased 3 of the same pillows. Simply outstanding! Best pillows we've ever used.

Wonderfully full and supportive!
Written by undefined on 3rd Mar 2016

I wanted the pillows they used at Drury Inn because I always seem to have a great sleep there. The pillows are very full and firm but not too firm. Like, my head sinks in but I can still breathe? The reason this is a 4 and not a 5 is because they aren't fluffy. I don't remember them making this weird, artificial sound when I laid down.. I recently found a pillow which was similar but also fluffy and it cost $100!!! So, yeah, no, I'll stick with these :)

Great pillow
Written by Robert Clemons on 25th Jan 2016

I have been on a mission my entire life to find a pillow that suits me. My closet has several attempts to meet my goal but sadly all have failed.I've slept on your pillow for a week now and am pleased. Please send me this same review in 6 months. I hope the pillow maintains its shape and support.

Best Pillows EVER!!
Written by Randy Z. on 8th Dec 2015

Bought these after sleeping on them at the Drury Hotel in Phoenix. They are the best!

Finally Found Pillows of My Dreams...
Written by Tabitha Z. on 30th Oct 2015

After trying (and returning) quite a few pillows I decided to look into the types of pillows are used in hotels that I've had the best nights sleep. Turns out my favorite resort hotel and chain hotel used the same Medium EnviroLoft Down Alternative Pillow and so I ordered them immediately! Beyond pleased to have the same good nights rest in my own home! I normally need a firm but the Medium is lofty enough for support while still being comfortable.

Nothing else like it - wonderful!
Written by undefined on 13th Oct 2015

I've been looking for new pillows for a long time and could never find one I thought would work. Then we stayed at a Comfort Inn and I told my husband "this is the pillow I want !". So I looked up Comfort Inn bedding and found this website. I ordered the pillows, which came amazingly fast and we have been sleeping great ever since. They are absolutely the best pillow we have ever had !

Best Pillow Ever
Written by undefined on 8th Oct 2015

Great pillow. Worth every penny! Finally found the perfect pillow.

Best Pillow I've Ever Slept On
Written by undefined on 26th Aug 2015

My wife and I spent the night at a hotel that featured Downlite pillows. I was so impressed that I got information from the label and contacted the company the next day to order two. I received them in two days and have been enjoying a wonderful sleep every since. There is no way that I will go back to other pillows in the future.

Great Buy
Written by undefined on 11th May 2015

Very happy with my pillows. We stayed at the Hard Rock and I just fell in love so I figured a quick Google search may help me on my quest to tracking them down. Came in a timely manner and I haven't slept this well in forever.

The Best!
Written by undefined on 7th May 2015

I slept on this pillow at a Comfort's Inn and loved it. So I thought I would give it a try and order one. Now I wake up in the morning without a stiff neck and a headache. Love it!!

Great pillows
Written by undefined on 29th Apr 2015

We liked these so much we ordered 2 more. They hold their loft and provide great support.

No allergies and holds loft!
Written by undefined on 26th Mar 2015

Discovered this pillow at Holiday Inn and had to have it.. Clenched jaws, headache and stiff neck are a thing of the past. Great communication and relatively quickly shipped. Wonderful!

Too Firm
Written by undefined on 25th Feb 2015

Pillows are subjective. Something I like, the next person won't. This is a very well made pillow of excellent quality. However, for my body size and sleep position, it was too high loft and too firm for my liking.

Written by Cheryl Hill on 23rd Feb 2015

We just love these pillows. My husband is so fussy when it comes to pillows, but he just loves his new Downlite pillow.

Best pillows ever!!!!!
Written by char on 4th Feb 2015

I stayed at a Hilton in St Louis Mo and slept like a baby. I have a lot of cervical neck issues and always in the market for a good pillow. This is a GREAT pillow and my husband and I are both sleeping deep and no stiff neck in the am!!! I will be back for more!!!

I love these pillows!
Written by undefined on 23rd Jan 2015

I had to stay over night at a hotel in Minneapolis due to a flight delay, and the only thing that made it better was the PILLOWS. They were fantastic, and when I got home, I got online and ordered two.

Great Nights Sleep
Written by Steve on 14th Jan 2015

Slept on these pillows at a hotel and fell in love.!! Had the expensive $100 memory foam but hated it. now my wife and I sleep like a baby.

Great pillow
Written by Allen on 20th Dec 2014

Perfect combination of support and softness.

Very nice pillow experience
Written by undefined on 19th Dec 2014

I also found this at a hotel. I like it a lot. Pillows are highly subjective experiences, so it is difficult to know before you try.

Great pillow
Written by undefined on 12th Dec 2014

Stayed at a hotel that had these pillows and fell in love. So was happy to find them on line.

Written by undefined on 2nd Dec 2014

I've been in search for the "perfect pillow" for many years and have finally found it!

Fabulous pillow
Written by Laura, Hamptons NY on 26th Nov 2014

This pillow is great, medium density and super fluffy. I have been shopping around for years looking for the right pillow...who knew it took me staying at a hotel, falling in love with the pillow, taking a picture of the label so I can go home and order one for myself. Highly recommend!!

great pillow
Written by undefined on 13th Nov 2014

Hard to find a pillow i like. I think I have found a keeper!

Finally found the perfect pillow
Written by ssorr on 22nd Oct 2014

My husband has struggled for years with finding the right pillow. We have purchased, and shelved many pillows: from down to down alternative. We were at a resort recently where they had these and he knew he had found his pillow immediately. We have bought five more to have on hand.

great pillow
Written by ssorr on 7th Oct 2014

We first used this pillow in a resort in Oregon. My husband has a very hard time finding a pillow he likes and fell in love with this one immediately. We ordered as soon as we got home from vacation. He is very happy.

Sheraton Pillow
Written by Vitas Stravinskas on 6th Oct 2014

Slept on this pillow at the Sheraton Seattle and ordered 4 for our home the next day. Best pillow we've ever used.